Copy Contacts 5.3


Copy contacts from one account to another, from SIM to Google, ...

Copy or move your contacts from one account to another. For example: from SIM card to Google, from facebook to your Corporate (Exchange), from facebook to Google to SIM, ...etc.

- Easily and quickly transfer and export contacts from SIM, Phone to any sync account.
- Copy, Move contacts from one account to another.
- Optionally update existing contacts to add new phone numbers, emails, ...etc
- View contacts per sync account in addition to SIM, Phone contacts.
- Lets you choose the destination account's group.
- Delete contacts from one account without affected the same contact in another account.
- Tap and hold a contact to view the contact details.

*** Important: We are continuously working to improve this application, so in case you are experiencing any issue please select “Contact us” from the menu and help us improve the application.

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